BTC4ERP Brings Bitcoin to NetSuite ERP Enterprise Capacities

Accept and Pay with Bitcoin with No Chargebacks

Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator allows your business to accept Bitcoin for payment of orders and invoices or use Bitcoin to pay bills (note: disbursements are currently in development) effectively eliminating typical transaction costs imposed by credit card companies.  Bitcoin instantly allows payment from anyone in the world while at the same time, eliminates chargeback risk.

Bitcoin as a Payment Method with No Fees

With support from leading Bitcoin Payment Processors, such as Bitpay, Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator enables you to accept payment on goods and services without processing fees.  If you request to be paid EUR 100, get paid exactly EUR 100.  Under this method, accepting Bitcoin is as simple as accepting traditional forms of payment.

Bitcoin as a Foreign Currency

Anticipating global acceptance of Bitcoin, should you want to denominate and / or settle payments in Bitcoin, we treat Bitcoin as a foreign currency. Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator fully automates and creates the appropriate accounting entries in your general ledger including proper Bitcoin “cash” accounting and tracking of foreign currency gain/loss valuations.  Your company will be able to make proper economic assessments of your selling and procurement transactions while having the accounting basis and reporting to meet any local regulatory requirements.

Superior Tracking and Security

Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator produces the proper coordination for facilitating trade with customers and vendors by generating payment request communications through eCommerce checkout and template driven emails while ensuring confirmation of Bitcoin receipts, thus eliminating any potential payment fraud.  Your company can organize your fulfillment workflows to ship goods and perform services to deliver value to any customer on the planet without the risk of chargebacks.

Simplified Bookkeeping

Our goal is make Bitcoin processing your preferred payment choice.  Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator goes further than traditional bank and credit card processors.  Because we are experts in NetSuite, Bitcoin, and Accounting, we designed the software to utilize NetSuite constructs such as Customer and Bank Deposits.  The software creates the appropriate accounting entries designed to minimize your bookkeeping and reconciliation demands.

Multi-Profile Management

Designed for the enterprise, Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator allows for multiple profiles giving your company the flexibility to drive pricing and logic for different Bitcoin Processors, subsidiaries, customers, products or transaction types.

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