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Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator was built on the SuiteScript platform and is designed to be the Premier NetSuite solution for Bitcoin payment processing.


Currency Exchange Rate Tracking

Currency Exchange Rates are updated every 15 minutes and spot pricing is available to give you the most up to date value.  Profiles can use different price types with configurable markup factors to accommodate changing price conditions.

Accept Bitcoin during Order Entry

An additional tab is available on Sales Order and Invoice Entry screens to allow you to initiate a Bitcoin Transaction Payment request.  Help your customers understand the number of Bitcoin required to satisfy payment.


Accept Bitcoin on eCommerce website

Customers can view prices for products on your website priced in Bitcoin. They can also choose to checkout using Bitcoin as a payment method.  Chargebacks are eliminated while you reach a global market.

Payment Request email2

Payment Request Communications

E-mails can be customized and sent to customers with payment details and convenient QR Codes that include all the information needed to make the payment.


Payment Request Tracking

The Bitcoin Transaction Request contains all the information about the movement of funds. The payment status is updated every step of the way from ‘Initiating’, ‘Requested’, ‘Unconfirmed’, ‘Confirmed’, ‘Sending’, to ‘Sent’ allowing your operations to act appropriately.

GL Impact

General Ledger Automatically Updated

Once the payment request status is ‘Sent’, the general ledger is automatically updated to reflect the completed Bitcoin Transaction. The Debit and Credit entries are automatically created keeping your books balanced and your administrative efforts minimal.

Pay Bill

Pay Bills with Bitcoin

An additional tab is available on Pay Bills Entry Screen. Enter in the bill and use the Bitcoin tab to send payment in Bitcoin by entering in destination payment address and selecting the Bitcoin account to be used for payment. Once you hit Save, the payment request is on its way and the accounting is now behind the scenes (note, this feature is under development).

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