Why Accept Bitcoin? a 21st Century Platform

Global: Increase Revenue and Expand Your Geographical Reach

Bitcoin is the leading payment platform that allows to reach any person on the planet without requiring you to go through any intermediaries (traditional financial institutions, such as banks and credit card companies).

No Chargeback Risk

Unlike credit card networks and payment platforms such as PayPal, you incur no chargeback risk. This means your concern for fraud is eliminated.

Very Low Transaction Fees

The Bitcoin network imposes extremely low transaction fees. Bottom line is that you can expect to save about $150 for every $10,000 of revenue compared to credit cards or Paypal.


The Bitcoin network instantly allows the transfer of bitcoin values from your customer to you. Best practices suggest that you wait about one hour to be completely assured your payment has been processed by the entire network.


The Bitcoin network is the largest distributed computing project on the planet. The network can handle any transaction volume you can produce and is always up.